The Aston Martin DB4 Zagato first appeared at the London Motor Show in 1960 as an attempt by the company to reinvigorate it’s waning image as a category-winning racecar manufacturer.  It was based on the DB4 GT and featured reduced weight, increased power output and a visually streamlined body over the standard vehicle.   Coupled with its lighter weight and more aerodynamic body it easily cleared 150 mph but ultimately failed to chase down it’s main rival, the designed for racing Ferrari 250GTO. However the result was an instant classic and the DB4 Zagato has gone on to became the most desirable Aston Martin ever made.  Only 19 Zagato’s were ever produced making the car highly collectable with a current market value estimated at AUD$3 million.  C5’s skills in CAD design and innovative Flat bed CNC Mill allowed the legendary DB4Z to be reborn.

The ominous process of reverse engineering the DB4Z was presented to C5 in November 2004. It began with the client supplying a handful of A4 sized photographs and a scale mode. Due to the specification that the replica be made as faithful as possible to the original, C5 worked in conjunction with the client to produce a 3D CAD model to fit the photographs.A 30% scale model was produced for evaluation and revealed some problems not evident in the CAD model. The CAD model was revised and a new 30% scale was produced. The customer approved this model and production of the full size foam commnced. The car is built from aluminium sheet and checked on the foam modelas seen in the pictures(the foam is now painted blue).