CNC 3D carving- Hot wirecutting- Routing

About Us

With over 25 years experience in the art, automotive, boat building, architectural, advertising, fibreglass, CAD/CAM and design industries, C5 Systems is Melbourne Premier Prototype, Tooling & Production CNC Service.

C5 Systems has developed cutting edge technology that allows rapid machining of objects in a range of materials from scale models or 3D CAD data. You can be rest assured C5 has the tooling and the know-how to achieve fast, reliable and accurate results.


Using the latest in CAD/CAM and CNC Technology, C5 Systems can supply, profile, route, 3d machine and carve a plethora of materials including; .

  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) & Extruded (XPS) Polystyrene
  • Rigid & Flexible Urethane Foams
  • Tooling Board – Renshape, Obomodulan, Prolab, Ureol, HDU, Signboard
  • Seamless Tooling Paste – 700kg/m3 Epoxy Tooling Paste
  • Timber – MDF, Weathertex, Masonite, Melamine, Jelutong, Ply, Kiln Dried Hardwood

Machine Capabilities

  • CNC Hotwire Cutter up to 5 metres (X) 1200mm (Y) 1200mm (Z)
  • 3 + 2 axis CNC Machine up to 12 metres (X) 1800mm (Y) 2200mm (Z)

Previously Manufactured Models & Parts

  • 1:1 Scale Foam Car Bodies
  • 1:1 Scale Boat Patterns
  • Concrete Moulds
  • Large & Small Custom Art Installations
  • 3D Signs & Custom Shop Frontages
  • Commercial & Movie Props

CNC Hotwire Cutting

Using a large scale 2 axis CNC controlled hotwire cutter, C5 Systems is able to supply custom profiled foam objects such as 3D letters and extruded shapes.

Precision CNC Machining

C5 Systems precision 3 + 2 axis milling machine has the ability to transform 3D CAD data from the screen into high quality parts with accuracy, speed and financial economy.

CNC Routing

With such a large working envelope C5 can profile route sheet materials quickly and accurately, keeping large volume costs and turn around time down.